LDI Project

ldip1DISCOs and NPCC for the first time have near real time coincident demand information to monitor and maintain planned load shedding schedules and avoid forced load shedding situations.

DISCO Control Centers are able to monitor and control their adherence to the planned load shedding targets in near real time, thus staying in the NPCC allocated quota reducing the incidence of NPCC forced load shedding meaning improved customer satisfaction.

NPCC has a visibility over this improved DISCO implementation of planned load shedding.

Historical database of full profile performance is available for analysis of system performance and improved operations.

  • Installation of AMR meters at all DISCO's grid substations
  • Up-Gradtion of facilities and equipment at DISCO(s)/PDC and NPCC control centers
  • Installation and commissioning of data center servers
  • Acquisition/supply of communications services
  • Development of software & data screens for discos and NPCC
  • Installation of additional 2354 meters
  • USAID through IRG under power distribution programme provided 100% finances of the project
  •  IRG provided the technical support for project implementation and development of customize software application for project

System Architechture


LDI Project Securities

  • All data “IN” on private network (Direct Connectivity from TELCO)
  • Firewall Enabled Router for “IN” and “OUT” Data
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) for information to user at PDC
  • Three Layer Security (Private Network, VPN, Firewall(Hard/Soft)
  • No Manual Entry/Input


LDI Project Metering Hardware

  • All Meters are DLMS Complaint
  • GSM Module is on NTDC DDS 98
  • Meter Data Communication (MDC) is on NTDC DDS 110
  • Meters are on NTDC DDS 50 Standards

Software in Operation
















LDI System Reports

  • Power Outage Management
  • Load Profile
  • Energy Consumption Events
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Power Quality Monitoring/Under & Over Voltage
  • Phase Disconnection
  • Reverse Energy
  • NPCC Power Allocation

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