IT Service Management

In the simplest terms, ITSM is the management of IT services to meet customer requirements.

PITC IT Service Management (ITSM) solution is based on best practices and we provide an easy way for business to adapt to changing processes within their environment. Our ITSM solution also allows for reduction in the long term cost of service provision. We are focused on delivering IT service solution that allows our customers to efficiently administer service delivery and make good business decision.

Objectives for our ITSM solution are:

Integrating IT services with existing process
Enhance/increase service levels
Align IT goals with business objectives
Reduce IT dollars spending
Improve quality of IT services
Assessment of the ITSM processes
Recommendations on improving ITSM processes
Make 'excellence in service' culture
Improve reliability of IT services
Organize ITSM Practice in your organization
Plan for suitable IT management schemes

Our consultants are experts and recommend process to improve exist procedures that will lead to quick turn-around time within the organization. We conduct ITSM Assessment through a series of interview with key business staff and assess your capabilities with respect to the ITIL Lifecycle Phases and Operational processes.

Sijison works with business owners to provide IT service management support based on the expertise we have developed over the years. Our solutions are created to be easily adapted to business necessities that are in a continuous changing process and our team of professionals will work directly with you to achieve final results are of the best quality.

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