Network Operations Department

Network Operations Department is aimed to provide the highest standard of low-latency network service, attuned to the needs of our clients and backed by an exacting commitment to customer service.Network Operation department of PITC is also providing services for enhancements required to data networks design and optimization including human capacity skills and resources, hardware and software. The following are the functions:

  • Evaluate and assess the provision of file servers and management of access to server facilities.
  • Evaluate and assess the Provision of an email service, including virus and spam protection (ensuring continued operation of email service and for managing the set of users and their associated email addresses, including adding new users and speedy removal of names of people who leaves organization).
  • Evaluate and assess the performance monitoring of ICT resources and perform advanced diagnosis and resolution of network infrastructure, software and hardware faults (including peripherals and web servers).
  • Evaluate and assess the network design and architecture, physical and logical network management, network change management, performance and capacity planning, network provisioning, installation and integration, multi-vendor and multi-protocol enabling, network-enabled application environments, network applications etc.
  • Evaluate and assess the security of network from malicious or accidental damage that all operating systems and application software is maintained and kept up to date to address currently known security issues and all facilities are configured in an appropriate way to minimize as far as is reasonable the risks of damage.
  • Evaluate and assess backup and disaster recovery mechanism.
  • Evaluate and assess the provision of necessary system services which include all software services required for proper and safe   operation of network, such as firewall, dynamic IP address assignment, domain name server and virtual private networks.
  • Evaluate and assess the Provision of desktop or workstation computers, with network connectivity and standard application set.
  • Evaluate and assess the provision of technical support services to users to ensure continued availability of desk-top facilities.

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