about slide1At PITC, innovation has always been a main objective along with  contributing to highest quality assurance in software development. By innovation we convert ideas into rechnical realities which are suited to your busniess needs.

  • Accreditation– PITC is accredited in all of the industry-standard technologies. Consultants have the training and knowledge to support all major technologies and subject matter experts have specialized certifications and experience to address even your most technical IT challenges.

  • Partnerships– Through partnerships with IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, etc, the PITC have access to premier training, resources, support, and information that your small to medium-sized business needs to keep your IT environment working the way it should.

  • Regulatory knowledge– Because federal, state and organizational regulations are becoming more complex around IT in specific vertical markets, the best PITC have specialists that focus on knowing the newest requirements and regulations and how they might impact your company’s environment.

  • Physical environment management– Regardless of the size of PITC, we will make sure it works the way it should. Whether your IT network is simple or complex, we will keep your network updated, patched, and secure.

about slide3Expertise

We ensure success by giving right solutions to your business needs in the most effective ways. We strickly follow our rules and processes which has earned us a strong position among our clients in Pakistan.

about slide2Excellecnce

Delivered more than 500 implementaions with 100 % Success rate.
In an age where devices are becoming smarter by the day and inter-device communications has become instantaneous, businesses in the twenty-first century simply can’t suffice without an efficient device mode universal solutions. PITC Mobile meter reading App is a dynamic applicaiton that gives unparalleled efficeincy in power sector of Pakistan to precisely collect consumers data. The App enables DISCO companies to provide error free services to consumers.

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