WAPDA Computer Centre 1968-2010

jourThe Computer center was established back in year 1968, ten years after creation of WAPDA, when computer technology was new to majority government organizations. The Information System Department of WAPDA known as WAPDA Computer Centre (WCC)was the hub of IT activity in WAPDA. Since its establishment, WCC has supported the implementation of computer technology throughout the organization and the Country.

Computer Centre started its working with the installation IBM 360 mainframe computer. With the passage of time, computer centre continued its expansion and established 25 Regional and Circle level data processing centers in all than area electricity boards. The computerization of electricity billing was undertaken and run through in house development of billing software.

While the entire Power wing was unbundled in April 1998 under Power Sector Reforms to its constituent functions, creating nine DISCOs, four GENCOs and NTDC, the IT related functions remained under centralized arrangements of DG (Information Systems) under combined management of PEPCO/WAPDA and transferred in 2007 exclusively to PEPCO. The 25 regional and circle level data processing centers were administratively attached with respective DISCOs and WCC became the part of PEPCO with the name PEPCO Computer Center (PCC).

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