CC&B SUPPORT Department

CC&B Support department Develops/Enhances/Maintains Customer Care & Billing application in latest tools with addition to new requirements of DISCOs. Other responsibilities that CC&B support department is committed to undertake are:

  •  Manage role for preparation of activity wise complete project plan, with starting & ending time, according to the resources deployed.
  • Manage role for the accusation of the user requirements, analyses it and defines project goals into defined functions and operation of  the intended application.
  • Manage role for system design, according to the user requirements, describes features and operations in detail, including screen layout, business rules, processes diagrams, output layout and other documentations.
  • Manage role for database design and normalization of data tables according to the system design requirements. Describe features of     database management along with detail documentation.
  • Supervise the development of the application (Billing Modules) in latest tools according to the system design.
  • Manage role to bring all the pieces/modules together in test environment or arrange integration with running applications.
  • Manage role to describe the Backup & Recovery procedures in case of any disaster.
  • Supervise the activities assigned to each resource and monitor the progress according to initial project plan and manage role to ensure the completion of project according to its schedule.
  • Manage role for preparation of use cases and business rules involved in the project.
  • Manage role to arrange the testing of the use cases of the application, activity wise and then test for whole applications with it integrations modules.
  • Manage role for implementation of application as a pilot and get acceptance from the user before actual implementation.
  • Manage role for continuous evaluation of the system in terms of performance and modification in business rules by the user.

Network Operations and Support:

This unit is responsible for provding infrastructure and operational support to PEPCO/WAPDA and DISCOS. The main  activity of the unit is to resolve around providing continous support to management and DISCOS, assesment, Billing and collection of revenue through timely billing of electricity consumed. The unit is headed by Director(Operations)/DG(IS) and supported by Manager(Network) and Manager.

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