Enterprise Resource Planning

This department of PITC takes the charge to oversee activities within PITC to manage business applications and provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) support required to make decisions by exercising discretion and independent judgment. It is also responsible to ensure that the ERP systems meet business requirements and goals, fulfils user requirements, and identifies and resolves system’s issues.

  • It Manages the production of training programmes and materials for training, seminars and conferences, including assisting trainers in    development of materials, for example, research and design materials for training, seminars and conferences.
  • Feeds into the strategic planning cycle of the department and the organization, using information collated during capacity building activities.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of capacity building activities through feedback from participants and managers, and where applicable, measure the impact of the trainings through various research methods.
  • Participates in continued professional development.
  • Undertakes other reasonable duties appropriate to the job as desired by the management.
  • Develops a standard training policy.
  • Plan and design programmes for refresher courses, study visits, as well as workshops, and seminars.
  • Organize the logistics of internal and external training events. Liaison with external training providers, arranging suitable venue organizing, monitor attendance, assist in creating a working registration and dealing with any problems which might arise.
  • Develop a training framework matrix for the measurement of training and development activities.
  • Chalk out programs to ab added as a service that can be outsourced to other allied organizations in particular and any other public sector organization in general.

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