Infrastructure / Software Deployment & Support (ISDS)

isdsISDS function is ensuring reliability, availability, and serviceability of the infrastructure being used by the project/operational teams of PITC. The responsibilities include hardware and allied services procurement, maintenance, processing control for managing disk and tape storage media, systems security, and access controls over networks and data. Among other things, ISDS is responsible for maintaining online access (security, performance, and availability) and capacity planning.

ISDS is providing technical services, for all mission-critical platforms, inclusive of systems administration and network. The function is also managing all Data Center Operations and ensuring End-User Services. ISDS’s services include Infrastructure Technology Consulting across organizations other than PITC for standardizing hardware procurement help to maintaining the infrastructure.
Some of the technical Services being rendered by the function are infrastructure development, maintenance of the operating systems, as well as developing and implementing systems administration and systems management software for all mission-critical computer platforms. The professionals in this group are ultimately responsible for designing and implementing the heart and soul of organizational ICT infrastructure.

ISDS' charter is to perform systems administration for organization's mission-critical (24x7) production servers and, when needed, development servers. Also oversees the corporate wide area network. The group provides a consistent, reliable environment, thus ensuring maximum server and network uptime in support of maximum application availability in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The ISDS Department is a key element in the overall mission of the PITC. ISDS department develops and maintains state of the art premises for providing smooth Online Services, by acquiring high-tech tools and technology available in market, for better business of Clients. This department coordinates the investigation, design, development and implementation of new Systems. ISDS department of PITC also Ensures the Maintenance of existing billing software, including General Billing, Industrial Billing, Data Processing, Cash Processing, Month-end processing Modules, and maintenance / updating of electricity consumer’s billing data bank. It is also responsible for Application design, development, maintenance and implementation.

ISDS department also commits to perform following mention tasks:

  • Provides necessary facilities to all DISCOs for hosting their online applications like Websites, E-mail services, FTP services, Online MIS services, Duplicate Web Bills.
  • Provides Internet facility, Network maintenance and smooth operation of LAN / WAN within the Company as well as all other offices inside WAPDA House, Lahore.
  • Provides Networking and System Support services to all formations of PEPCO / WAPDA. 
  • Manages / Updating / Operating Websites of all formations of PEPCO / WAPDA.
  • Co-ordinates with operation and user departments for any operational issue or improvement suggestion.
  • Ensures smooth running of existing Software and maintenance of Machine Room / Data Centre.
  • Manages Data Entry & Data Control Sections of the Company.• Technically vetting all Computer related matters of WAPDA / PEPCO and other allied formations.
  • Tendering all types of items for the Company as per procedure.
  • Manages Company’s stores.
  • Manages Company’s transport.

The department also conducts the Study of new trends and techniques of IT market and suggests new Hardware / System / Networking Tools & Techniques required for smooth online business services to clients as well as for future expansion.

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